Skiing Brown Shorts

Brown Shorts really started a few years go for me, It’s a line I’ve looked at for a long time and every time I’ve skied Revelstoke Mountain Resort, said It would be really cool to ski. But what happens when you have one too many beers and meet a guy from Switzerland that wears a one piece, that wants to go ski it with you.

So of course I dragged my hungover butt out of bed, picked up Scott from the hostel he was crashing at, and proceeded to hike to the top of Mt. Mackenzie.

Next thing I know we’re staring down the longest shoot i’ve ever skied, and hooting and hollering all the way down.
It was a super cool experience not only being behind my camera getting to capture a few moments, but that Scott also had such a passion for capturing images, so we organized shots briefly stopping a few times down the couloir, and when we reached the bottom I couldn’t get over the relief that I had just skied one of the biggest lines of my life.

Scott continued to offer support after we skied that line, helping me build this very website, and helping me organize myself on all means of social media. To say the least it finally feels like all this button pressing for free is starting to take shape. I’ve been fortunate enough to make a few dollars here and there but the amount of time and effort I’ve put into my photography hasn’t ever reached a milestone quite like this for me. Having a website to display my hard work is such a relieving feeling, and I cant thank Scott enough for his help, so please if you’ve read this far please check out some of his work at